Sweet DP 96 on ebay, almost entirely melted flat!

Heh.. that's nothing, there was one a couple of weeks back that might have been a '95. It was even more squashed! It was also listed under the name Bubba Fett.
lol, that thing is unrepairable. Even if you where to heat it up and bend it back out the mandibles will always have a funky curve to it thats really hard to get rid of you would almost have to melt it to fix that.
Bubba Fett says it's in good condition?! How do you figure? "It's in good condition, but you have to make it round again." I don't get it.
Even more puzzling.

Q: I was just wondering, is the antenna ok? I dont see it on the picture, and yeas you got fett right. answered on: Sep-11-04

A: Hi, i got between 16-17 U>S> dollars for 4-6 days, and $7-9 for 4-6 weeks. Iwill check at the post office to see if I am accurate on Monday. This is just..

What did that have to do with the question asked? It doesnt even make sense. and I have to agree, how does He figure its not damaged? Well at least He tried it on and it fits although I dont see where that is possible. (Used) lol, what some people try to get away with.
I was in tears laughing from these!
That is way too funny!
I just like how the post says quality!
Hey, I can say a turd is quality but it is still a turd!
Mhmmmm.....good condition....you know...except for being flat...and oh yeah....there's no range finder, but I'm sure where ever it is, it's in good condition...and ummmm....there's no visor....bid early, bid often! :wacko
Looks like Boba ran into this guy:

I can't believe people put such poor condition stuff on ebay, and I'm really shocked that people actually bid on it !!!! :eek:

I'm always very suspicious when they have a 95/96 Don post in the box unopened.
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I have a DP 97 in worse shape then that...I'm offering it for free in the cargo hold... it's sooo bad I could not ask for money.
Its the alternate death of Jango Fett helmet, when he gets his head in between a vice in the droid fatory. :)
that Bubba Fett is not a 95, 96 or 97 helmet, its the rubies latex mask. Just look at the right ear, its black just like the latex version. And regardless those are both sad excuses for masks/helmets.
Hmmmm know i feel i need a better helmet... But i fiddled around with it lots now it looks like it does now. The pics to it are at the sarlacc pit named, " slades custom suit. " If you ask me that helmet is sad all bent up and stuff. As for my helmet well i'm trying to find a rubies jango helmet or at least a dp helmet. But all i found was this latex boba fett helmet. Oh well i guess i'm stuck with it but i came out fine.

Well back to the helmet the first one thats been left on its side for a few years reminds me of a deathwatch helmet.
I've seen several people get a Boba Fett helmet and bondo over the dent and make it a Jango helmet, rubies helmets are so small they wont fit on most peoples head.
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