Swaying jet pack


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I am tired of my jet pack swingin around like Tarzan :facepalm
Do any of you guys or gals out there solid mount the bottom
somehow to your torso? All I have been using is the top two
straps. If it matters, I have a MLC V1 for a pack.
Thanks guys,
I use a strap that goes around my waist and is attatched towarts the bottom of my pack. This soves all the swaying problems. You just need to work out how to attach the strap to your pack.
You could just put a little velcro on your backplate and the other half on the back of your JP at the bottom. It wont hold the JP on, but it will keep it from moving around. Matter of fact I need to do that.
Problem solved........You the man BlueRam. Kinda even looks like the right
one :)Shortimer52, no flat spot on my backplate for velco, went another way. Thanks guys.:cheers

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