Suppliers for prop making and mold making supplys


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You are a star for putting these sites on here i soooo need the help i am attemting to make a Boushh costume and there are so many bits i need so the help is fantastic Thank you x


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i just noticed this and i won't feel bad saying "thanks" since it finally got stickied anyway.

a few new sites on there to me so thanks for getting this together

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...The amount of post I see that say 'try searching for it' would seem to justify making them stickies.

That is probably because the answers can be found by using the search tool but people are generally to lazy to search for it and would rather have the answer handed to them.

I mean no offence to any peticular member. This is just my general feeling.


For us Scandinavians (or Swedes rather) has supplies for all your molding and casting needs.

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Thanks for the post. I agree that this was a needed post. I could hunt google forever for companies that sell supplies, and then if you buy from anything, it's a **** shoot if the company's any good. I've been looking forward to starting some props, but hesitant because I didn't know where to start. So thanks again.


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I thought id update, that I use ALUMILITE.COM exclusively now.

Their quality is head and shoulders above smoothon products. Every product I have used from them, has been top notch, and any problems I have had (That ended up being my fault) they took care of anyway.

I have molds that are 2 years old, that have been stored in freezing temperatures, that still make great pulls, and their resisn are MUCH less brittle.
I personally use both Reynolds Advanced Materials being there is a shop locally in Orlando and I also use Alumilite ( out of Kalamazoo Michigan... Which, Alumilite actually just sent me a box with almost a grand worth of stuff in it to try out... I'm sculpting a rather large Optimus Prime maquette as well as a set of Iron Man armor - Both places really are awesome. and as I am typing this I see the #33 post saying the same thing... Go me... LoL


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I was hoping to contribute a little by adding a plastic supplier that I use. I have bought ABS and Sinra from them and picked up a few scrap pieces of other plastics to play with. They only sell full sheets but they are willing to work with people on the shipping. Yes, they sell to the public. Having differnent suppliers in different places gives people shipping choices. I haven't needed to ship form then since I live close but here they are,
5720 S. 40th Street
Suite 3
Phoenix, Arizona 85040
Toll Free: 800-829-4770
Phone: 602-437-1000


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In fact Howard Senft aka Chewie15 on the rpf buys a lot from the sculpture depot too since he lives not too far away either :)

Tell her Cal at Far Away Creations recommended her! :) I doubt it'll get you a discount but for what it's worth ;)