Suppliers for prop making and mold making supplys


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I wanted to create a sticky worthy informative thread to help those making there own helmets, armor, and even make up effects have access to a easy to use directory of suppliers. The way I want this thread to work is if you have a supplier not listed Post It! and give a review and maybe a pic of two of it in use or an example of what you were able to create with it. I will then add it to the master list on the top post.

This thread is meant to be a master list of informative links and not a question and debate on the products or suppliers so if you have a question about any of them shoot me a PM or better yet contact the supplier as they all have customer service that can help you find what you need for your project.

I hope this information will help those on this board who are aspiring prop makers create new and wonderful things.

Special thanks go to members of this board who turned me on to a number of these I use currently, members of the RPF who have helped me, and members of The Effects Lab that allready found a great deal of these as well and though of the idea long before I did of having a sticky directory of vendors like this.

Here is my list as of (10-23-07)

Dispencing tips,cartridges and syringes[silicone appropriate]

great fx supply company for all molding, casting, make up needs

Coast Fiber-tek Products


The Mold Makers Store silicone life casting Azsil brush-on P6 and Hardmother water activated polyurethane tape

Eager Plastics
Great supplier of metal fillers and layup resins for cold casting! (Thanks Cruzer)

Smooth-on (maker of great resin, silicone, and Platgel products)

Reynolds Advanced Materials
A seller of great clays, Smooth On Products and many other things to fulfill your casting and molding needs.

Milled fiberglass uses are thickening agent, more importantly as a mold strengthener. Other potentially useful products are carried.

Epon Epoxies. Epon 862 is a very good all around material

Soygold 1000
This solvent is top notch for cleaning up unsured silicone among other things. Enviromentally safe.


XP429 platinum gel for prosthetics
Cheap Chemicals

US Plastics
A great source for vacuforming plastics and a lot more!

EyeCo glass and silicone eyes

FX Contacts
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Make sure and post demand to make this bad boy a sticky... other wise this great list will sink to the neither regions of this forum... :)


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Just want to bump this to the top as I am already seeing threads asking about where to get stuff telling me this thread is not helping like it should. :)


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Im really curious why its so difficult to get certain posts 'stickied'. For example the WOF templates. Or create a forum for just the template. The amount of post I see that say 'try searching for it' would seem to justify making them stickies.


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Im really curious why its so difficult to get certain posts 'stickied'. For example the WOF templates. Or create a forum for just the template. The amount of post I see that say 'try searching for it' would seem to justify making them stickies.

I would agree with you to a degree but keep in mind the admins are a busy bunch and its folks like you who use this stuff that need to make your needs know. I alone cannot justify making something a sticky, but the forum members as a whole posting that they would like this to be sticked would be more effective.

I did PM the mods to make them aware of this thread and its purpose. I am sure if enough member post in this thread about wanting it stuck to the top they will make it happen. ;)(y)


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I wanted to mention that there are two other sites that have been extremely helpful to me with silicone and liquid plastics. is a company that went so far as to replace 5 gallons ($500) worth of silicone when it didnt live through the expected amount of pulls and has answered any and all mold questions I have ever had. They have went so far as to look at my ideas and let me use their facility on tough projects.

I had ordered online before I realized they had a store front and were equally as helpful via the internet.

I highly recommend their resins, and their rubbers. if your in it for the long term, their silicones have a lot less 'additives' than some of the others.

polytek is another place that is in PA, shipped foams and plastics to me fast, and when they messed up my order, shipped another order out the morning I called them and I had it the next day.

Polytek also has some really good tutorials. So does alumilite.



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Just thought I'd say that in the UK, CFS Fibreglass is a great site that will supply pretty much everything you could possibly need to scratch build and make castings. The prices are also the cheapest I've encountered, though postage is by weight so better for big orders.

Another place which is same same, but different is East Coast Fibreglass Supplies which has similar things at similar prices.

Hope they help other UK guys who have trouble finding reasonably priced materials.