Superglue nightmare!!!

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I’m a git! :cry

I stuck screws in my MH with super glue as attachments points for the visor. One of these screws is now on the wrong place and another one is unusable, since the thread is jammed/congested with glue.

Is there a product to take off the super glue and the screws? I’m funky to damage the helmet if I'm using a tool!
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The only chemical that will remove Cyanoacrylate Adhesives (aka Super Glue) is acetone. Acetone is the key ingrediant in de-bonder, nail polish remover, etc. WARNING! It will also eat most plastics! I'd try a few applications of nail polish remover first, if that doesn't work go to the stronger stuff.


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Many companies that make superglue sell a debonder which dissolves superglue. I use a glue called "Insta-cure," and their debonder goes by "Un-Cure." Test it first though, as it may eat the plastic around the glue as well- it's made mainly to remove glue from skin.

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I noticed a slight softening of the plastic at the place where I used acetone. No harm done, but the screws are still firmly stuck to the bucket. :(

I don’t lose hope and will try a debonder, :rolleyes