Rubb N Buff Nightmare!!!


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I have been trying to get hold of some silver leaf rubb n buff for ages now and have hit yet another obstacle, I put a note on the forums asking if anyone knew of any suppliers that will ship to the uk and I found one!! I placed my order and selected the shipping option and sat back and waited for my 'Buff to arrive, but when I checked my e-mail this morning I was notified that rubb n buff is 'a hazardous material and cannot be shipped overseas' can anyone PLEEEEASE help me?


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Hey Joe, you'd think if I could send you a can of BONDO in the mail with your bucket that you'd be able to get a crappy little tube of R&B!!!


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Why don't you just send the money to a trusted volunteer on this board who lives stateside, including shipping, have them buy it and ship it to you. Easy solution.


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Wow I just saw this thread pop up, it is old, older than time itself, in fact I distinctly remember writting it out on a typewriter