Suitable material for ESB jumpsuit?


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I found a seamstress (my mother-in-law) that has the ability, and offered to make my jumpsuit. I just can not find a material that even comes close to being suitable. I'm in the Detroit area, and the only fabric stores I know of are Joanns. Does any one have a suggestion of another store to try or something online? Can anyone recommend a good material for an ESB???

I'd love to get a BM or SGB, but lack the fundage...


I believe the material you are looking for is cotton twill (non-stretch). I'd suggest getting it white, and dying to the color you need for ESB.

Most fabric stores keep cotton twill in stock, I think.
I agree. Get some white cotton twill and dye it yourself. Its much easier than trying to find an existing color, and its more accurate anyway. we're pretty shure the originals were dyed. I've made myself quite a few jumpsuits out of white cotton twill now. I always get mine at Walmart, but just about any fabric store should have it.
Not to flaunt my ignorance, but what does twill look and feel like??? What kind of garments are typically made from it?

I haven't seen any white cotton fabric at the stores I've checked. I'll have to break down and ask next time.
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