Suggestions on cutting Aluminiumn for armour


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hi all

well ive got some blueprints drawn up to make to armour and wanted to do it aluminiumn. But ive not worked with alu before and wondered how easy it is to cut and what tools i need to cut it


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Hi Neil.

I'm guessing that what you need to cut it depends on the thickness of the aluminium.

I've worked with sheet aluminium very briefly once before and used tin snips. They were fine for the purpose.

MMM, Metalboy or Hand Schaub are your boys for the definitive answer, however.

Good luck.

Yeah, get yourself a pair of small shears, with the little teeth on the blades. This will keep the aluminum from slipping as you cut it. Then get yourself a plumber's deburring tool to clean up the edges.
MMM showed me and bh-7603 how to cut our armor out of aluminum. It was tough at times, but overall fairly easy...and I'm incompetent with tools.
Hey neil :)

Fancy seeing you here ;)

Tin snips are good and cheaper but if you want nice straight lines and ease then pick up a cheap jigsaw and a metal cutting blade. I had to when I was making alu armor for everyone to speed things up but I would never go back to snips .

If your after alu try getting 1.2mm stuff or if you'd like me to cut it for ya drop me a PM. Just got a new 9x4 sheet in :)


Steve AKA Chewie from UKPB
Well, yes, that's correct. If you are cutting plate, a powered saw and blade are a HUGE help. Cutting sheet, however, would be easier with snips. An electric saw will bounce, vibrate, distort, and generally beat heck out of a thin piece of aluminum unless you keep a tight grip on the whole shebang. Thin sheet works very well for armor, and keeps the weight way down, as well. Doesn't seem to tug on the vest. :)
Hehe thanks MMM forgot to mention a large work surface and good set of clamps would be helpful ;)

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