suggestion of lead on original part


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Hi all:)...some time back I posted regarding this part as a possibility for the dart launcher,I had no way of shooting a pic then so here finally is one ,....the item is a hair curler and the piece that started me thinking is the bronze/brass one with the plumb bob in front of it,...point is ,even if this one is not the right size ,there is variance in this from model to model though the length crucialy stays similar....the others I picked up lately are in shot ,these have a nice EP1 type styling to the aluminium business end and are going to go into light sabers when I get time;I just wanted to show the variance in size and that there may be a model out there that was the donor for the original ....possibly......neat parts anyhow ...see what you think:)
damn...Im not an expert but that looks like it. It looks thinner, but just think about way back when, when star wars ESB was made, they could have looked like that back then.
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