Strengthening A Helmet


I've been working on trimming and prepping my bucket (Mystery) when last night I noticed that the left mandible/cheek is somewhat flimsy. There is even a small fracture (maybe .125” long) coming down from the far lower corner of the visor.

My questions are these:

1) While I’m sure that the visor, when in, will fortify it somewhat (I’m using a shade#5 welding shield), will it be enough?

2) Is there a way to re-enforce the inside of the helmet (Sintra, thermoplastic, metal strips, etc.) in that area that anyone has tried and had success with

Thanks for any advice in advance.
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If it's fiberglass, you can get a small PATCH KIT and cut a few small pieces of the cloth, then pour and brush in some resin on the inside of the check. Make sure you spread the cloth out over a larger area, to make sure that it is reinforced over a solid base. You'll know when you have enough resin over it, the cloth will begin to turn to a more translucent color. PM me if you have more questions.

Granted, you won't need a 3' x 3' piece of cloth....but they you have it to reinforce anything else that you have ;)
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The FG cloth and resin is great stuff and works well. Another solution I've used to reinforce / fill in larger cracks, indentations, and thin walls is Everglass. You can find this at any automotive store and it is pretty easy to use.
Thanks for the tips. Using fiberglass to repair fibergless never even occured to me...:facepalm

Darren thanks for the time and effort that you provided on my behalf.
I had exactly the same problem with my bucket and I applied a layer of "steel cement" on the inside to strengthen it...
Its a duo glue that sets like metal when mixed together and is used in repairs of heating radiator's and stuff like that...
Then used filler on the outside to cover any hairline fracture...

It found it at a local DIY store with all the other glue's available in a rack...
cost me very little and also fixed loads of stuff round the house and at work too... LOL!

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