Stormrider / Iconic Props Twitch and Youtube - Retirement

How interested are you in people receiving my techniques and carrying on projects?

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For those that don't know me, I am Stormrider. Founder of Iconic Props. And Sellbuddy. It says I am a well-known member on my profile so thats something right?

Anyway I have been making fett products for years. A few years ago I lost my wife to cancer and have been scarce with communication but still building props. Last year I created a life sized bumblebee costume (well 9 feet tall) and won awards and competitions all over the country. So I have been busy but not vocal.

I have received hundreds if not thousands of questions over the last year or two about how I make some of the things I make. From the molds to the sculpts to the final pulls.

I have decided that mass pulling props is no longer my thing. I enjoy the creation more than the mass production. I will be transitioning out of that area, but into another.

Over the last month, after shoulder surgery I have been setting up my shop with web cams and hardware for streaming. I will be doing streams (twitch) and then tutorials on youtube daily as I work on my next and last set of projects:

Iconic Props: Stormrider Signature Series.
These will only be available on TDH

I have an interest thread going in the cargo hold so please don't discuss sales or purchasing here. I intend to bring anyone that is not a TDH member to the TDH for the things I am making, as well as to be able to connect to other vendors.

I will be redoing each and every mold I have. I will be revealing the things that has allowed me to do my parts differently than everyone else. The way I make my molds, the products I use, the techniques I use to pull them. I am going to pass that information on to a very select few.... Up to 3.4 billion. I will put every mold, tutorials and stream up for everyone to see.

I would be remiss if I said I wasn't telling people with multiple purposes. I want everyone to know what I know. I want more people to make molds. And props. I want the other people already making props to make better props. I wan't the prices to more reasonable. And the only way to do that is to teach others. So at the stake of my 'empire', I am giving away all my secrets free. Free, but not for nothing in return. I am also trying to build a following on these streams to give me another avenue. So I am looking for people to get involved with my streams and video tutorials in return.

I have worked on a couple short test videos to make sure I have everything in place. I will be editing those test videos down into youtube short and long videos as they get completed.

Twitch: iconicpropsttv

Youtube iconic props
Iconic Props

Iconic Props (@iconicprops) • Instagram photos and videos

Instagram has a lot of followers and pictures from our endeavors over the years.

I invite, and ask you please, follow and subscribe. Right now there are not any mold tutorials on youtube, only my shoulder rehab story, but those will start populating this weekend as I edit down the streams.

I will be live on twitch up to 4 nights a week. The idea is monday and wednesday I will be making my molds and parts for my signature series fett items. Talking through the changes. Challenges. Trying out new products answering live questions.

Tuesday and Thursday I will be doing my transformer build.

I will be going live other times throughout the week. If you subscribe you'll get notifications and you can follow along on your phones.

I will be giving away quite a few of the things I am working on. As well as offering discounts to followers and subscribers (twitch and youtube)

First Signature EE3 (rotj and esb)
Bumblebee Helmet
First Sling Gun (Prepro)
First sidearm
First holster

As well as other things. But I am only giving them away to subscribers.

I will also be offering up the molds and things to people I can trust to carry on the work of projects I have gotten too busy to maintain. As well as selling some of my masters. Those will only be offered to Dented Helmet Members. That isn't negotiable.

Thanks for reading (if anyone does),
Hope to see you on twitch and youtube.

Mike / Stormrider / Iconic Props
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Sounds very interesting and something I will be keen to watch and at the sane time learn new techniques. Good luck


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Thanks. Its not going to be exciting. It is simply me explaining the things that I do to make the molds viable. And a lot of things not to do. I am hoping eventually people work along with a small mold.

The bigger molds will be easier to see and understand. But I have to start small.


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I don’t know anything about twitch, but it looks like now I will have to learn. I’ve always wanted to know how molds and props were made. And you know you have a fan of sellbuddy. I would love to help that get bigger, I know deep down that it’s something special.


New member on here, but making molds and pulling parts has been something I've always wanted to learn. I've subscribed on YT, and I'll definitely be watching for your videos. Thanks in advance for sharing!


Learning how to make molds and cast would be awesome so I'll be subscribing on youtube. I would love to make things other than fett items and seeing how things are done with good tips and tricks is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks for taking the time to share all of this information and trying to help educate and further the growth of the prop making community.


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Youre welcome Drax. I hope to make a hangout out of it. Not compete with things like forums, but give people a quick and easy way to access what I know. And hang out with me.

I simply do not have any hobby/cosplay friends that I can talk to about things. I feel like this would help.


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Tonight at 9 I am filming mold making 101: Silicone, clay, mold boxes and simple theory. It will only be 30 minutes.

At the end of the stream I will be giving away a thermal detonator. I will be writing down a number between 1 and 1000 at the beginning of the stream. At the end of the stream I will give 1 minute for people to chat a number (once). The closest to the number will get the thermal.

The thermal will be cast during the twitch stream.

For every 25 people on the stream I will give away another detonator. Considering it's typically around 5 people, I expect to only give 1 away. Limit 3

I will be posting details for the stream on Instagram shortly.
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I know this is an old thread but when I went to follow you on twitch found that I already had. Pretty sure you were one of 2 prop makers I found browsing twitch some time ago. What are the odds!

Darth Voorhees

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Just stumbled on this thread, and subscribed on Youtube! Dont know much about Twitch, but i may look into that as well.

Mike has a wealth of info in that head of his. I have spoke with Mike on the phone a few times in the past, and always recommended his blasters as one of the best out there. He is a super cool dude as well, and him doing this just makes it more so. Hopefully i can learn some things he hasnt already told me in the past. Mike makes some of the cleanest molds/casting ive ever seen. This is well worth watching!