Stormrider hic run (control boxes, partial fronts and full fronts)


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Yours shipped yesterday morning. USPS. I have a customs number. It said estimated 6-10 days. :)

That leaves the two partials. One will ship as soon as I confirm a phone number.


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interested in HIC partials. Can sort out paypal payment asap. Are all parts casted in rubber or do you have some resin ones? prefer resin. ty Glenn


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Hi there,

new to the forum...Great site by the way.

I am also interested in purchasing full or partial casts...not in a rush, I am only just beginning to gather materials.



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Hey Stormrider. I'm looking to make myself a HIC and your clearly the man to be speaking to, looking at all the recommendations in the previous threads. I'm going to build the main box/shell but looking to purchase the full front moulds and all moulded side panels. Do you have any full mould sets available and ready to ship at the moment or is there a waiting list. I'm over in the UK by the way and looking to treat myself to an early xmas present!


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Thanks again Stormrider for making this possible

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How's it going? Another new guy to the site, and looks like almost a year after the last guy asked, I too am interested in a HIC cast. But I think I read somewhere you offered a 3 piece set.
Please send me a pm or email so we can discuss options and cost if you still offer any HIC cast.
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