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Hello all. I am starting on a jumpsuit. I am not sure which way to go. I dont know if I should stitch it or buy one. I seem to never find my size for inseam (32). I was thinking of stitching one, but would it be more expensive. Should I buy one and modify it or stitch. BTW I dont know how to stitch but I can easily remedy that. Any information or help would really be appreciated

Thank you


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Since the jumpsuit lacks pockets and has seams on the sleeves located on the front an back, instead of the sides,along with other unusal details, I made my own jumpsuit, but I bought a jumpsuit and took apart all the seams so I could use it as a pattern. Even though I had never sewed anything on such a large scale, it turned out pretty good :D Just take your time, it will be fine.


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I bought two longsleeve jumpsuits and made them into one. I shortened the sleeves on one suit, took the sleeves out of the second and sewed them inside the first. I used the remaining fabric to make the leg pockets, belt pouches and upper leg pouches. It worked out pretty good, I think. I wasn't trying to go for dead on movie accuracy though.


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I got this one in charcoal grey, and after adding short sleeves pouches etc. I washed the crap out of it. At least 20 times in cheap laundry detergent. It faded nicely.

I got the large-long one, my chest size is 42 so I got the 42-44 and it shrunk down quit a bit, the inseam was 34 I have plenty to tuck in my boots and the sleeves go past my thumb.

Better to have to much than not enough I guess, I hemmed it up and it works good, good fit threw the thighs to, nothing worse than to much material in the leg area like my first coveralls from dickies where makes it look sloppy I didnt like that at all.