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Hey Guys I dug out my don post helmet I got at the flea market for $5 about 2 years ago.. it was missing its reange finder but I figured the price was right.. when I pulled it out of the closet I noticed it was sticky.. like tacky.. sort of like it feels when you spill punch on something then you put your hand in paint coming off.. just tacky.. ?.. do dp helmets do this often.. should I just try to soap an water the thing.. will it happen again.. any insite is appreciated...
If you painted it before and its tacky, that is because most enamel paint will not dry on the latex vinyl the helmet is made from, you will need to get some paint remover that is safe for vinyl and start over agian this time using a nice coat of laquer primer for auto. then regular paint should dry.
I didnt paint it.. its tacky on the inside and certain areas or the outiside.. it makesyoru hand sticky.. but you can rub your hand togethre and you dont feel it anymore... but just pickin it up.. is clamy feeling..oh and its a don post 95.. I tried to wear it myself.. but these seem small.. are the rubies helmets bigger?.. I can wear a dp strooper.. but cant get this one on my big ol noggin..
Plastic can sweat, plastic residue could attract dust which would feel sticky.

Wash it with sugar soap and it should be back to normal.
Ok yea the inside I can deffinitley tell dust is in the helmet. It is white on the inside..... Whats sugar soap?..sorry never heard that one.. I am from a small town.. and I am lucky that they at least know what star wars and the internet is...
Its a decorating cleaner for walls and stuff like that, its a very soft cleaner. I am assuming this isn't just a UK thing.
If you can't get that try warm water with spirit vinegar, warm water and lemon juice, warm water and a mild shampoo or warm water with coka cola.
When clean just wipe over with cold water on a clean lint free cloth.
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