Starting My Scratchbuild Helmet


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Well, yesterday I started on my scratchbuild helmet. I was planning on making a walkthrough on how i made mine but I forgot to take pics of what i have done so far so heres the most recent pic. Its the bottom right ear in progress. As you can see it has some fresh bondo on it.

What i did was i cut out 6 "I" shaped pieces, then cut out another piece and bent the center section over. and glued them all together. then added bondo to fill in the holes and gaps in the plastic layers. and sanded like crazy and added more bondo. after I get everything smooth and to my liking I will start filing or sanding down the bottom angled piece, and the slanted piece on the top, then drills some holes.

Sorry if none of this makes sense. Now on to the one and only pic so far. more to come soon....



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Ronin677 said:
what are batting helmets??? i take it they are something to do with baseball.
Yes! That is exactly what they are, I completely forgot that those from across the pond don't play baseball :)

How is it those not from America scratch build helmets? Are battle helmets sold overseas in Europe?

Couldn't someone just vacuuform the top of their scratch build? It's be much easier for the other scratch builders ;)
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well another update. still working on it. need to smooth some lines out. fill some holes. but here is what i have so far... Tell me what you think.




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well im using some for sale signs i found at menards. they are a little less then 2mm. i think. This is my first time scratchbuilding anything. so its a new experience for me. im having alot of fun.


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I have not gotten to that point yet. look through a few other scratchbuild helmet threads you can see how they did it.

ill have more pics of the right ear later today or tomorrow.


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here are some pictures like I promised. this weekend i will finish up on the right ear, and then start either the helmet or the left ear

im anxious to start the helmet itself. still have holes to fill and need to make some lines straighter but im working on it slowly.






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The ears are looking great. I am still struggling with them myself. I got the upper ear mounted with magnets. Hooray for this awesome technique!(y) The servo method I decided to go with has slowed my progress on my own. Keep up the great work and keep us posted.


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a new update. finished the right side, and made a stalk. still need to go over each piece and smooth them out and get rid of any holes. heres the pictures. tell me what you all think.






Looking great! Inspires me to get back out in the shop and start tooling around whilst I wait for the final pieces of my Fett to arrive :cheers


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thank you very much MacRory and SD68

I have been working my butt off on this. The wifey is a little annoyed with my hobby but oh well she'll get over it.

I got the dome together however it looks like trash and its the correct height and width however its longer then it should be so i am stopping by the sporting goods store to pic up a new batting helmet today to start over. This time I will get it right.

Other news my ammo belt I worked on a bit last night. I finished 2 of the belt boxes. the stitching is all done by hand so its not as good as i would have hoped. I will have pics when im almost done with it.