Starting Blaster PVC version.


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here are pix of tonights prop building. started my blaster using the obi-wan tut. The hardest thing to find was the fake pistol. but this one fits the bill nicely.

what do you think.





Jodo Kast 2749

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You may want to hacksaw the very end of that sink tube and put it in backwards. (if it isn't glued in already)

I've done several of these blsters and they turn out nice. You're definitely on the right track.


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Yeah it is just slid in for the picture. I will hack off the end and stick it in the other way. probably epoxy it in. The only thing that I am having trouble thinking of how to do is the Molex connectors. would like to hve real ones, but do not know where to even egin to find them. especially locally. I hvae a tasco scope and I think that I have figured out how to make the mounts. the straps that hold it on the gun may als be a bit of a problem to find those bands. but keeping my eyes out at the hardware stores.


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A cheap solution to the Molex connectors are some multipin connectors you can get from Radio Shack. Here is a pic of my gun.



I used 2 males and two females, because they didn't have 4 of either one. They turned out OK.

I also have some templates for the stock plugs and such in another thread that can be made out of easy to find styrene.