Source for Cheap, THIN Balaclavas for costuming.



[EDIT] This may belong in the Cargo Hold, but since I'm not selling them, I automatically put it here.:facepalm Actually, I MEANT to put it in the Soft Parts section. Shows you how much I'm paying attention.

I bought two of these Balaclavas for Trooping. They're $8, and fit into an ammo pouch! Black, super thin like nylon stockings, and very breathable. You can see through it, but for under's GREAT. No pasty chins showing under your bucket!:lol:


I also got the fleece ones from Cheaperthandirt, but they're for colder weather.
Thanks for the link. Always nice to have options! ;)

I bought one of these in gray to better match the Fett hood:
(they're sold out of gray now and only have navy and white) :(

It's like the UnderArmour material - it sucks the sweat off your skin and moves it to the outside of the fabric. :)

I've worn it to about 6 events now and it's held up really well. I wore it at DragonCon and our Space & Rocket Center event yesterday, in fact. It kept me cool!
Cool Fetthunter = HAPPY Fettunter :D
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