Sonic Weapon V angle...


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Yea that sort of happens automatically when you place it inside the pocket.
There are 2 springs in the handle that keep it in the open position. When you grind the 4th knurl down, it esposes the top of one of these springs and it ultimately gets removed. The remaining spring keeps the end of the squeegee in the open position while the "legs" tend to go to a closed position when shoved into a pocket.


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I had brought up this very issue with a prop-maker recently. Personally, I believe the tool itself looks better with the straight angle.

The 'V' angle, due to the springs, becomes visible when the tool is inserted into the wrong pocket, as the pockets on one leg differ in width to the pockets on the other (the center seam is shifted, creating a large and small pocket). You can see this happen on some of the exhibit pictures.

When the tool is put in the larger pocket, the springs don't give, and the tool retains its vertical shape.

Again, this is only a theory. :)