Something I've been working on.


Well since I missed out the Gentle Giant Boba Fett bust and don't want to pay $200+ for one off the secondary market, I decided to make my own. I also decided to make the helmet separate from the neck and shoulders so that I could get the helmet right before moving on. I have finished the primary work on the helmet and so far it has come out pretty well. I use Super Sculpy because it is easy to work with. Let me know what you all think. I could use the constructive critism. Mods, if this is not in the right discussion area please move it.


that Boba Fett on the backgrounds said..."send me to secol's house" :lol:
o and about the sculp :eek: looks awesome.
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looks good to me

it looks great actually... mini bust arent the most accurate of things so even if you do find minor flaws its not the end of the world
from what i can see so far its great and i cant see any problem
Thank a lot guys! Actually the pics make the helmet look alot more rough and unfinished than it really is. I guess I need to work on my photography skills. The part that looks like a neck is only part of the armature and has been removed. I am now working on the rough shape and position of the shoulders and torso. After that I will do the jet pack. I won't be doing the arms like on the GG version. I want a more classical look to the bust.

I have recently seen the GG Boba bust up close and I was disappointed with the inaccuracy of the overall shape of the helmet. I am guessing they didn't realscan the original helmet for that one.
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