So it begins!!


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As I await parts to be completed on my Jango, my Boba project officially begins. To all those ESB boba's out there, dont worry this baby will spend most of it's time on the mannequin. :p tooo short to be Boba :D

The MSH2

<image src=>

I always thought Boba was supposed to be short...

Anyway, that helmet is beautiful. Can't wait to see it painted. Good luck! :thumbsup:
Thanks guys. I really really really wanna make this baby as close to real thing as possible. So I'm gonna need all the help I could get from you guys. I wish I was taller and thinner. :facepalm
Looking good!! Once bit by the Boba bug you never go back, and you think the Jango bug is bad.... :lol: :lol: You ain't seen nothing yet.... :D Seeing how are with your Jango, It'll hit you like a freight train. :lol:
Good luck buddy and have fun.

sounds great.if your boba looks anything like your jango, your going to have a kick ass boba.

...and whats this about being to short for boba? 5'6" :p
hey seeker congrats for your new project
but i dont think you are short to be Boba, i mean
Boba is a Jango clone right ;)
and boba with armor is 6'1"

now im very curious to see your work :)

Good luck. I've started the same project along with finishing toutches to my Jango. Maybe we can help each other out someday soon.
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