So I customized my CABoots...PICTURES ADDED!


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I don't know who else got these, but I received my pair about 3-4 weeks ago. First off, I love'em. Canvas, white sole, great shoe! Most comfortable pair I think I've EVER had, like walking on air. The thing I wasn't so crazy about--colors. The colors were off. Too shiney and the black was just not cool. I went to wal-mart and got the following:

Delta Ceramcoat Textiles Medium
Delta Ceramcoat Hippo Grey
Delta Ceramcoat Quaker grey

The textiles medium you mix into your acrylic paint so you can paint cloth(and wash it) without the paint cracking. A few hours later I had a MUCH more accurate set of boots. The colors, IMHO look great. I've weathered them and am going to try and get some GOOOOOD pictures for you guys to see. Let me know if you've done the same.

Here is the finished product(sorry the pics are a little dark)




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Nice color picks. all I did was white over the black a bit with an airbrush, and mixed it up with the rust/brown and black on the rest.

And like someone else did , I put my hand in the shoe and bent them forward before airbrushing to give that sweat lined look.
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Neat trick! I was worried that mixking paint, textiles medium, and water may not work well so I just went safe and handbrushed.

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I just order a set of the caboots for xmas for my son and I'm waiting on them to arrive.I'll have to bookmark this thread :):)

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Thanks for fixing it Tyler. I tried two different things that I knew how to do and neither worked. I appreciate your fixing the tags for me!

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