so how am i doing? ms3 3sb

vaders right hand

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my helmet 1.jpg so what do you think
Looks good... but if you don't mind me asking, why is the scratches on the lower checks a reddish color? Also the green-blue on the back of the helmet looks alittle dark. What color are you using for this area? :)
I like it!;) You may just want to make the right ear more yellow than tan (but for all I know it may be fine and the camera flash is making it look a different color.)
What did you use for the upper cheeks slave?
Can you get a pic with no flash? I think its looking good, just a few minor color issues.
Looking real good! If you get some dark gray around the scratches instead of red, and lighten the color on the back, you will have it. The rest of the colors and damage/detail are looking great(y)
This is a sweet paint job, i'd just say dull that red down on the scratches with some grey later and a final wash should dull it out

i love bucket progress threads
You definitely have the shapes and placement of the scratches down, so on that end it looks stellar. However I have to echo what's been said about the colours - those red scratches should be gray (Reefer Gray to be specific), and the back should be a blue-green (RLM73). I don't know if you actually are colour blind or if that was a joke, but at the very least read the names of the paints you're using and you can't go wrong ;). You have the skills, so just touch up those two colours and it will look much better.
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