slave1pilot paints another ROTJ pack


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I 've been commissioned by a memeber here (i'll let him disclose if he chooses) to paint another pack.
It's another MLC2 , painted using Lee's list of paints (mostly ;) )
The base is Krylon "Dull Aluminum"
with a clear coat or too to help keep the other colors from peeling
I only have the yellow done today.
The Yellow is Floquil "UP Armor Yellow"
The darker color misted around the edge is a custom mix of "UP Armour Yellow" mixed with Floquil "Boxcar" to darken it a little
I'll try to paint the other colors each day so the pack will be done by Friday.

Coyote pack 006.JPG

Coyote pack 007.JPG

Coyote pack 009.JPG

Coyote pack 008.JPG
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:jet pack Ahhh thats my jet pack!!!!! Having seen Slave1pilots paintjobs before I knew I would not be dissappointed in his work. Can hardly wait for more updates........:cheers


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I joined a Gym today
Too tired to mask again tonite
don't wanna rush it, so my timeline might be pushed back a little
I'll mask & paint the white tomorrow night
I let it dry for 24 hours between colors


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Trudging on
the white has been sprayed
The White is Colorplace "Flat White" from Wal-mart
I'm sure any old white would do, just make sure it's flat
mrs.slave1pilot says the taping is the hardest part
:lovegotta love her:love

Coyote pack 018.JPG

Coyote pack 019.JPG
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I cheated a little & left most of the tape on
I did the scratches on the white & remasked for the red
Now, Lee says to use "Boxcar" red for the Jet Pack.
I feel that it's too brown , so I use Poly S "Wisconsin Central Maroon"
I could only get it in gloss, so I have to use a few coats of Matte to dull it
here it is still taped up with 1 coat of "Matte finish" from Krylon

Coyote pack 020.JPG

Coyote pack 021.JPG


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since it's been well over 100 degrees around here lately, I don't have to wait very long between coats to let them dry
I removed the tape from the red
I still need to remove the masking fluid & add some scratches

Coyote pack 022.JPG

Coyote pack 023.JPG


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Damn Nate.........:love.
When this is done I think it needs to be stickied, THIS is how you paint a RoTJ jet pack........(y)


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spilled a gallon of blue paint on it (Floquil "light Blue" to be exact)
gotta start all over :cry

Coyote pack 028.JPG

Coyote pack 027.JPG
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