Slave1 Glove run -- any interest?



Edit: No run being done due to the fact that I didn't reach ten people. See my last post because you can still get them as you need them.

Is there any interest in a Slave1 Boba Fett glove run?

It occured to me that there will probably be some people wanting to upgrade to the new material on their gloves, so . . . how about it?

I typically sell gloves off of Ebay for the Buy it Now price of $95 plus shipping. So I am thinking for TDH members, you supply the new white accent material and you get a more accurate pair of gloves returned to you for $85 plus shipping. And if you want to supply your own base gloves, I can further deduct an additional five dollars.

Please note, it's a lot easier for me to sell gloves on Ebay than to do a run. When I do a run, I have to step up production 2 - 3 times faster than what I normally put out just so people won't have to wait too long. I also have to deal with a deluge of emails all at once, and it's also a lot more to keep track of. I will do it if there is enough interest.

Glove production would start in late April, and they would be made at a rate of about two pairs per week.

What I need is ten folks that are interested (are there even ten folks that need gloves / upgraded gloves?). I won't take more than fifteen at this time, in the event that there would even be that many people interested ;)

So if you want on the list, please email rather than PM to get on the list. More details to come . . .
Would you be willing to do them with the button instead of velcro closure? I have a pair already and would like to upgrade to a more accurate version with the new material but would also like to see button on them. I already have my material too... Thanks -Mark
My standard glove does not have a button. I've said on different occassions, if folks find a base glove w/a button that they want used, I will be happy to use it. The only requirement is that they be cotton rather than nylon.
Thanks for all the nice compliments guys.

I've only got a few emails from folks. I've been waiting for my ten count before I emailed my info out, but it doesn't look we're going to reach that.
If it means the difference between a run and no run . . . I could be persuaded! :)

I'm really interested in your glove run. I tried to win 2 pair of Ebay and lost both bids. But now that you're doing a run, I can finally claim a pair! :)

However I'm doing Jodo Kast, so it would be a tad different layout for the gloves. I still can send you the fabric you would need though, along with some pictures to help you create them.

So go ahead and sign me up for the run too!
Hey guys, just to update, I never did get my ten count so I won't be doing the run.

However, as always, you can still order them off me individually, and in fact, it's better for me not to have to get them done at such a hectic pace.

The BIN price that they sell on Ebay has been lowered, so you'll still get them for the same price, less $5 more if you happen to have the material you want used to match your vest.

Email me at whenever you get to the point where you need a pair of gloves and I'll get you taken care of eventually. My priority right now is some Boba paint work I've been making my way too slowly on.

Anyone who emailed to get on the list, please know you weren't ignorred. I was just waiting for my ten count (which I never reached) before I sent out the mass mailing.
sounds good, But unfortunatly I just got the whole biker scout costume AND fett armor,helmet and jet pack in the past 2 months and am tapped out. Hopefully I could snag a pair of you on ebay.
Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I don't want to start a new one and waste space. Are your gloves machine washable? Will this fade the color to ROTJ?
The gloves are already pre-shrunk, but you're going to fade a little of the color with each subsequent washing no matter how careful you are.

I would recommend hand washing them in cold water. Wring out as much water as you can. That cotton batting on the inside of the accents is going to hold a lot of water.

Are u making any more gloves? as im intrested in some



I just noticed something and really disturbs me a little:

I know that Slave1's gloves are the most accurate set of gloves around (and I'm happy with them :D), but after looking at the gloves and the real ones in the Ref CD...the forehand detail in the right hand is larger than the left side. I can't tell actually in the Ref CD, which I think they are like that as well...but not sure.:confused

Is that the actual scheme on the real Fett gloves as well, or it's just a little mistake in Slave1's gloves?

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