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I have inbound the ESB twill I have purchased enough to do 4 suits...this is twill so its slightly heavier than the medium weight cotton I use for the ROTJ suits. the material is more expensive as well but not by to much.
These ESB suits will be 145.00 shipped in the USA. As with the others its first come first serve..done in order of payment and measurements received.
All of the ROTJ suits ordered in the last week and a half are done and are ebing shipped out over the course of the next couple days. I will post DC#'s in that thread.
PM me with details on the ESB suits.Thanks-
Also just wanted to add the measuremnts I need here.Also These suits can still be done even though Im not feeling to hot right now.My wife and I both sew these so even if im down and out they can still be made.I just dont want anyone worrying that if I get knocked back down health wise they will have to wait forever to get them.
here are measurements I need.

1. Waist (around hips)
2. Belly (around back over belly button)
3. Torso (from base of neck to groin over FRONT NOT down back)
4. Neck (around)
5. Arm (from shoulder tip to wrist) & (from armpit to wrist on inside of arm).
6. Shoulders (from tip to tip across back/shoulder blades..NOT on top of shoulders)
7. Inseam (inside of leg from groin to ankle)
8. Bicep (around bicep making a muscle)
9. Upper thighs (around largest part of your leg near groin)
10. Chest (around back over breast)
11. Booty (around your rearend over the pubic bone in the front
PLease make sure these measurements are done with a cloth tape measure and double check them to make sure they are accurate before submitting them to me.These measurements will be used to customize your suit to fit you better.If going to a tailor please let them know you are buying a jumpsuit and not a suit as they measure diffrently for suit versus jumpsuits...And lastly please DO NOT add any to your measurements as we will do that here to compensate for bending stretching etc...Thanks
Make sure you guys dont add one any inches to the measurements, I have kind of big shouldier so I added on a inch. Had to take it to a seamstress. REASON WHY IT DIDNT FIT WAS B/C OF ME. But it fits great now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy your back Bro!!!!!!!!!!
Run list:
1. Seven (paid)
2. tk2647 (paid)
3. Rabid Bantha (paid) Received Measurements
4. Bubbafett (paid)
5. Terminal fettler (paid) Received Measurements
6. HMPOTC33 (paid) Received Measurements

I can take 4 more ESB suit orders thats it though.Thanks
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I would like to get one of these. I will be contacting you soon.
If payment is sent within 2 weeks will the suit be done by C4?
Thanks, Darren
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