Sintra Where to get it?


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I have looking in some local stores like Michael's Arts and Crafts and Jo Ann's but they do not carry Sintra. Has anyone found this in retails stores. I live in TX. I know I can order from the internet but wanted to see if I could fine it in a store locally.


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I just called around to a couple of sign making shops here in the City and found some at the second store I called. It's apparently not something they usually carry but he was able to get it in for me within a couple of days.

phantom viper

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You can also buy it at Just input this item number #42485. That is a 24" by 48" sheet of .120(1/8")thick sintra. That is the standard thickness for armor. If you need it to be thicker just do a search for sintra. Hope this helps:D

Boba Swede

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A little problem associated with this was discussed in another thread. If the shops don't know what you mean by Sintra you can always ask for Foamed PVC. Apparently "Sintra" is only a product name, not a material.

Anyway foamed PVC was what i asked for and that is what I'm gonna use for my set of armor.