Sintra Made Knee armor pics


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So a few years ago is when I started this project and I'm finally getting a push from Seeker to get it going so I'm posting some of my stuff I had done.

Here are some pics of my Knee armor I made completely out of Sintra. My brother wanted to try to paint it so I had him have a shot at it but I'm going to do it again. Some work needs to be done with them but they are pretty close for just eye balling them with out a template.

The nozzles are just a pvc joint connector cut off a bit to make it look pretty close. The item is pretty light and durable.


I used balsa wood and bondo on mine. Yours look better, I think. Nicely done (y)

Color looks a little too orangey though, or could it be the flash...?
Thanks for all the positive feed back. The paint job on these are correct yet.. I was playing with the color. I'l be resanding them down and doing them again.
Very nice , they look like my firs set of syntra armor I made.
Using putty truly helps achive the correct look to your taste.
Good job.
The paint I used was from Fleet Farm and I think it was Tractor Yellow paint. I'll find the paint and see who it is made from.
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