Sintra armor


i plan to start on my armor this weekend! i am very excited about it. the only thing is that im not sure where i can get Sintra or how much it might cost? any ideas? also what is the this the armor is stuck to made out of?
Not sure how helpful this is, but for people just getting started with armor and things, i found rigid expanded pvc foam board (aka Sintra) at a national chain called Fastsigns that does displays and signs and was a 4x8 sheet for $45 bucks plus tax....don't know how the price compares to other sources, but in my neck of the woods, it was the only game in town, not to mention it seems like more than enough to handle any project
I'm currently making mine out of 5 gal white plastic buckets available free at most grocery stores. 5 min epoxy glues them great so long as you scuff the surface up with coarse sandpaper.(cake frosting comes in them)
When I bought my sintra I had a heck of a time locating the stuff in my city. I found mine not at a sign shop, but at the most unusual place I never would have thought of. An office furniture store that makes acrylic see through desk and chairs. You know, that fancy designer furniture. they supplied just about everything in 4 by 8 sheets only. They offered any color and thickness for about 40 dollars. A word of advise....where ever you find it, ask them to tape up the corners because I sliced up my headliner on my minivan when I was loading it in.
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