SHOWOFF - My "new" FP v2 ROTJ Armor


I purchased a set of raw FP v2 armor from another TDH member back in the spring, and have been working away at it over the past couple of months. I was surprised just how "raw" an untrimmed pull is.. needless to say, my dremel and I became very close over the weeks.

I didn't think to take any pictures of the untrimmed armor, but here are a couple of pieces after being trimmed down and sanded.

trimed primed shoulders.jpg trimmed cod.jpg

What followed was priming..

primed chest.jpg primed cod.jpg

Then after a wet sand the silver went on and was masked

silver masked all.jpg silver masked back.jpg

And finally the paint and weathering!

finished back.jpg finished cod.jpg finished armor.jpg

I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out, but welcome any comments/suggestions.



Looks good so far brother but one question Both pictures of the back plate it looks like the lower left side is bent inward a little, maybe it's just me lol! But over all it looks like its coming a long really nicely.



You scared me there.. I was sure it was the same on both sides, but you're right, the left side looks completely off. It's just the angling and lighting though, everything is symetrical and looking good.

Mike M.

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i've been trooping in a set of fp v2 armor since 2008, and i have a few suggestions. it's nothing that you did wrong, there are just a few places that you should reinforce the plastic. the collar armor sees a lot of stress as you troop, mine snapped in half one troop, i would recommend that you fiberglass reinforce that entire piece. also the cod gets a lot of wear and tear as well. though i don't think you should have to reinforce the entire cod, definitely get the wings and down the sides to the tip of the cup.