SHOWOFF my ESB Fett helmet w/INTERIOR!!!

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I just finished this after about 4 weeks of planning,cutting,fitting,gluing,painting,etc. I used alot of different mediums including "marine" vinyl,artificial snow,various PC parts,phone veiw screen,plumbing parts,motors,paint,etc. to achieve my final design which I am very proud of. None would have come to fruition so quickly without Marrow Sun's fantastic interior which gave me a canvas to build hats off to you sir(y)

I took these pics without flash since they best represent what you see since the interior is so dark. Flash doesn't work out too well.

As many know it is an original MSH-1 which I painstakingly painted to movie accurate standards over the course of about 6 month's last year. The rangefinder is a MS 3 peice design which I polished the clear resin and installed the LED's from underneath. The stalk is an RA which I machined to movie standards myself.It has an original Borden connector to which I utilized a design inside to complement it's function.

This is the culmination of so much work I can't even describe it all and many other individuals talents for me to attain and build. To all those I say thank you.

I can FINNNNNAAAALLY say that my Boba Fett ESB helmet is 100% and totally DONE. (collapses on floor in utter exhaustion).....




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Wow, that looks awesome.. :eek: Inside and out.. very nice work..

All the little detail painted on the interior really makes a difference.. It's nice to see some ideas before my interior set gets here.. great job
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psberetta said:
How are you going to show-off the inside and the outside at once?

Sadly few will ever see the inside since it will quietly rest atop my mannequin when I get it all mounted. I did it more for me and the few who do look at it to get a big WOW. Fancy interiors are more about doing it for yourself since they are so rarely seen,but when they are it is worth all the work. They also add tremendous value so that someday IF I ever sell the money I'll reap will be worth it. I sold a "GT" with a custom interior I did last year for nearly $800...a GT one! :eek:

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psberetta said:
That is ........can't find the words:love How are you going to show-off the inside and the outside at once?
That lid ROCKS(y)

I have to agree with everyone here....Hats Off !!!!
That is beautiful, congratulations !

As for the question above, Maybe it would be nice if you placed a mirror underneath the helmet, at an angle, so that you could seen both parts at the same time. Building something like a showcase stand for the helmet.
very nice! i've got one of those interior kits on the way to me, along with a new bucket to put it in. every time i see something like this i get a little more excited about the project :)
Jango_Fett_Jr said:
Looks really good! I like the extra touches you added. You gotta post a few more pics of the rest of your helmet exterior!

yep, if the inner is THIS good, the rest must be awesome... the small pic doesn't do it justice.
Outstanding Steve!! You incorprated some really neat ideas inside. I'm also thinking of adding a microphone type detail to the inside of my new helmet. Good job, and yeah, lets see some more pics of the outside.
That looks awesome. Do the Microphone and Ear-pieces actually work? It would seem a shame to have those features, and not be able to use them :lol:

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