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I wanted to try out the new image hosting function, so I thought I would show off a little too. These are my shoulder bells that I finished a few months ago. Not totally accurate, but I am happy with how they came out.


Arn-Ma Brlou said:
What did you make them out of?

They are made out of 1/8" thick aluminum plate. A few years back I purchased a complete set of aluminum armor from a "Jedi formally known as Alf". Members that have been around for a while should remember him, and how he got banned from the board. Poor business practices, but nice armor.

Personally, I like the feel of aluminum armor over sintra or vac'ed plastic. I have not handled any fiberglass armor, so I can't comment on the feel of FG, but when you knock on aluminum plate you feel like it's more "real". Plus it saves me a painting step.

Yea my chest and shoulder armor is all metal and I agree it just has a nice feel to it. And your right don't have to worry about painting that silver layer, and if it gets scratched further it is metal underneith so it just shows silver. Good looking shoulders you got there.
BobaFettish said:
I have those shoulder bells as well, but the top bevelled sections had to be trimmed inward a bit to match the MoM pics.

What bevelled section are you talking about?

Here is a side angle picture from MoM, compared to the same angle on my armor. The paint job aside, the angled edges seem to be right on.


The set I bought was about three years ago, so it appears that he has corrected the problem (I sent him a critique after I finished mine). The bottom corners and top corners lined up with each other vertically. I had to cut the bottom angles in deeper as they should not line up with the top corners. Your set looks fine.
Thanks for the feedback BobaFettish. I am relieved that I don't have to strip off the paint and cut up my armor. (y)

When I purchased the set back in July of 2002, the maker stated that he had received some improvement suggestions from TDH members, and that the set I was getting "completely reworked". It looks like he may have been telling me the truth.

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