Shoulder armor... Done!


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Well, except for the Bantha skull decal that is... :D




Now, can anyone suggest a good place to get the Bantha skull and chest armor decals?
Practicing misting the corners a bit... That and I'm impatient to see the results :lol:

Actually, I'm not completely done, but once I get the decal applied I should be able to blend it well enough...

Suffice it to say that the paint on one piece of the chest armor was trial and error... Apparently, Testor's model paints and Krylon don't play well together :angry

I tried to tone town the Caterpillar Yellow coat with a bit of Testor's Armor Sand; The overcoat of Krylon kinda got all alligator skin kinda wrinkles, so I hadda strip that one piece down and start it over from scratch.

Oh well, live and learn I guess... :lol:
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