Should I change my 96 DP helmet??


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Hello guys,

Quick question I need everyone opinion,

I have been gathering my fett stuff for the last 2 years, I have gauntlets made by me, kryatt dragon armor, nice boots unknown maker (very realistic) sidewinder rotj blaster nice!!and so on so forth.

Now the helmet.

I have a DP96 helmet, good shape but still unpainted. now I was thinking would it be better to sell my helmet and get an asok or should I keep my Do and start working on it,
which would look better more accurate. asok helmet is within my price range and I couldn't afford more.

I know the dp is smaller and good for a smaller build, I am 1.72m tall medium build?

that do you guys think DP 96 or asok??


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I think you will be better off with the DP. If I am right you are just a little over 5ft 7inches so the smaller size would more than likely be a bit more proportionate but in all it is up to you as the ASOK is more accurate than a DP in my opinion. Also just a heads up after seeing Dynamic1's KD armor it is slightly bigger than your usual set of Fett armor, if I am not mistaken he based it off the large size templates done by WOF. Not sure if that helps or not.


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now I am more confused??

1 opinion to keep dp96 and the other to change??

dont know what to do


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It all depends on the accuracy you're going for, and your buget. If you have a budget for a newer more accurate one, you should get a new one from a vendor on the TDH. The helmet is the center piece of the entire costume and is what draws the eye. Just my 2 cents...


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Its a tough one : )...i have the Asok lid(which is def more screen acurate), but ordered a dp from him to paint up esb. I am just under 5'9" and feel the dp is a bit more Proportionate w/ my frame. I hope to have this painted soon so we smaller fetts have something to compare.


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I guess What I'll do is assemble it and paint it with the dp96 then I'll take some picks and ask you guys how it looks,

I guess it come to propotions and the overall look, I dont want to look literally like I have a bucket over my head or a bobble wobble head.

Does anyone have some pics of their rig with the 96 dp,

to get and idea what it could look like, it would become my target aim to achive that look.


In my opinion, work on the Don Post helmet. I know you'd like to get Asok's helmet, but paint up the don post well and sell it on ebay and use the money you make of of it to upgrade to the Asok helmet (a modified Don Post helmet is worth way more than a out of the box one).

This is what I'm doing. I got a Rubie or Don Post (can't remember which but not accurate all the same) that I'm going to paint up, to the best of my abilities, and when I'm done, I'll upgrade later on when I can afford it. Depending how good a paint job is, you might even get enough money out of the finished thing for the Asok helmet with some cash on the side (cuz everyone likes profit :)).

Hope this helps! Good luck!


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I agree and besides it can be also a good way to learn how to paint this thing. maybe learn a few new techniques.

thanks guys