ShocK's armor updates (Bells and Skulls, and beyond)


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Hey, it's been a while since I posted any updates. I have been able to work on my gear again recently. I just finished the shoulder bells and have the collar, upper legs, and boot armor ready for Rub n you'll see some shiney pieces and some dull. Pictures are a bit dark but in any case here you go.





The skulls were done using two seperate templates that I made in Photoshop. One was the traditional shape like this...

and the other was modified with sharp edges like this...

I then inserted the modified skull into the original and sprayed black in the difference. After that, I used a reverse of the modified skull and blotted in the olive and black paints with a sponge. I finished it with a little thinning of the paint with water and then rubbed it with tissue as it dried to cause it to crack. Weathering with black acrylic and a sponge. Cheers.
Looks pretty sweet there shockwave! I love the color scheme you selected for your custom. You really have a realistic metal look going on your bucket. Is your armour real metal? Well, if its not, it shure looks like it is!! I've heard of rub & buff metalizer paints, & also heard of rub & buff metal polish, so I'm not shure what you're refering to, but it looks awesome either way! (y)
Thanks again. The only real metal is the rangefinder stem. Everything else is either ABS or Fiberglass (bucket/Jet Pack (in the works)). I use a combination of techniques that took a lot of trial and error before I got it looking how I wanted it. The Rub n Buff I use is the Silver Leaf in the tube. Quickly, my steps are prep surface, 220 sand, prime, 320 wet sand, Krylon 1403 Dull Aluminum, 320 wet sand, Rub n Buff, leave over night, recoat Rub n Buff, weather with Black Acrylic/sponge/water. Much thanks to those who helped me. Every step is very important, but the look doesn't really come to life until the weathering. I think it's really important that the paint used for the weathering has a dry, dusty look to it. The contrast of that with the shiney metal surface is what does the trick. I also like to have mild distortions in the armor because I think it makes it look more like a handcrafted metal would. I didn't originally plan on the skulls but I started messing around in photoshop and couldn't resist. After all, that's the fun of the custom.

Time for bed before I RnBuff my arm off :)
that looks great.!!! i love the helmet too, my favorite part is the little line the connects the two equator lines between the arrows. Its looks great!!!
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