Shin Tools Shin Tools build using PATERSON original "found parts".


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I may have misread the post but I am curious to know where I get the aluminium screws that telecom to the 3rd shin tool ?


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excellent .....great info....any theories on what these are supposedly used for(theoretically speaking of course;))


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Nice job mate, I've got my Paterson squeegee and chemical mixer sitting here, so will have this thread bookmarked for when I get to them
Can anyone tell me then difference between the ESB and ROTJ tools? I feel stupid because Im having a hard time finding a good pic and figuring it out.


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I know this is an older thread but I wanted to thank @RafalFett for helping me see a weathering detail on the Sonic Beam Weapon that is visibly shared between the ESB and PrePro 3 suits but not ROTJ. Never noticed this before! Time to fix my shin tool :D



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This will be a great help, thanks!

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Where did you find aluminum rods like those?
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They look awesome. Thanks for the thread, this was exactly what I was looking for. Still kind of a noob. Working on an ROTJ and thanks to you I just found out there is a difference in shin tools. You just saved me a few shekels from buying a chemical stirrer. Thanks!


I always thought the Sonic beam weapon and the Anti-security blades have both silver as base-color? What kind of grey did you use instead?


The found parts are white (somewhat gray) color. You weather them to get the desired color tone. 5th Horseman quotes he used a uniform color of gray 106...