SFP 2nd run list. *LIST CLOSED* UPDATE 12/29 Important


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*Ok the list is now totally closed. This is the final list that I am submitting to Anton. Those that did not pay were removed from the list, sorry to them. I will send this in tonight.

*Update 12/29* I just got another e-mail from Anton, he just now told me that the $85 price he quoted me did not include shipping from him to me. I was under the impression that it did. He has said that there will be an extra $20 on each jumpsuit to cover the international shipping from him to me. Sorry for the mix up. Everyone who has already paypaled me please send the extra $20 to me to cover the shipping. I will PM everyone who paid already also.

*Updated* I got another e-mail from Anton last night he said the 2 right pouches for the ESB suits was no problem. There was some confusion about shipping prices that he hadn't mentioned before. I e-mailed him to clairfiy but be aware that there might be an extra charge for shipping from Anton to us. I will let you know when I hear more.

The list is now closed, if you didn't make it on this run perhaps there will be another one in the future. For those of you on this list who have not confirmed yet I will be PMing you over the next few days to find out if you are still intrested. Those of you who have not paid, do so soon so we can get this in ASAP. Thanks.

I also got word back from Anton, the bulk order is not for custom sizes. So please select a standard size from the size chart. I am still waiting to hear about the Jango jumpsuit.

*12/22* OK boys and girls I will be closing the list to new people this Saturday 12/25. If anyone else wants in on this please let me know by Sat. Once I close the list I will be private messaging everyone who is not paid to make sure they are still intrested. Please people start getting those sizes and payments to me so I can get the order to Anton so he can start on the jumpsuits.

*Update 12/16* Please go to
http://www.starfortressproductions.com/sizechart.html and find your size on the generic coverall size, then PM them to me. I will start taking payments when ever anyone wants to start sending them. The best way to get payment to me is paypal. Predatormv@aol.com total is $90+ the 3% to cover paypal fees. If you need to send money orders PM me for an address.

*Update 12/14* Ok Anton got the e-mail I sent from my girlfriends account and he sent a reply. He said the price will be $85 then add $5 for shipping from me to you. If you are still intrested let me know either by PM or posting here.
*END update*

. But while we are waiting lets go ahead and start the list.

1. Predatormv ESB blue/grey *PAID*
2. Prymer13 Esb blue/grey Large *PAID*
3. Loranar_Fett TK-409 grey Large tall *PAID*
4.. Fett-texas ranger TK-409 grey XL *PAID*
5. E2K13 ESB blue/grey *PAID*
6. Fosterkeri ESB blue/grey *PAID*
7. MonCal Tk-409 and jango large 32inseam *PAID*
8. Sithlord23 ESB blue/grey Med 16" neck *PAID*
*9. Mr Barlow 2 right pouches ESB blue/grey CONFIRMED
10. Nerf-Herder Tk-409 grey Large 17 neck*PAID*
11. Tk1995 TK-409 grey *PAID*
12. TK1068 TK-409 grex Large *PAID*
13. Darksaber212- ESB blue-grey Large *Paid*
14. Geo -TK-409 grey Large *PAID*
15. Evil Benius -tk-409 grey Large *PAID*
16. Spheric Thor -tk-409 grey MED *PAID*
17. The Admiral TK-409 grey MED *PAID*
18. bigkidbiggertoys Tk-409 MED *PAID*
19. TK-409 and suprise suprise he wants tk-409 grey MED 16"neck *PAID*
20. Laan ESB blue/grey MED *PAID*
21. Dengar99 ESB blue grey Large/ tall legs. *PAID*
22. Gator Fett TK-409 Grey XL *PAID*

Also since it seemed the general concensus that everyone wanted them, everyone who orders the ESB blue/grey will recieve the 2 right pouches. It just saves me the trouble of writing them out.
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I'd be in for a TK409 ROTJ Grey depending on if the price has not changed too much.


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Sign me up for the ESB Blue/gray.
I heard that they come with the side ammo pouches in the same color as the fabric.
If at all possible, I would like them to be 2 of the same as in these shots. In ESB, the 2 pouches had the flap to the right.
Let me know.


For those that don't know the colors that SFP have to chose from, I reposted this from the other thread.

From L-R: Original Dark Gray, New "TK 409" Light Gray, ESB Blue/gray, ESB Blue

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ESB Blue/Grey for me. Let us know when you need measurements (PM me). Yeah better make sure both of my pouches are the right sided ones too.
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Yup, still interested :)
TK409 gray

I also need a jango but I don't know everyone's feelings about the accuracy of that one????
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ESB blue/gray please. and could you pm me with whatever sizing info. and price please? thanks!
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I was in on the first run , ESB blue/grey and I was happy with it, I would however like a set of same side flap pouches in the ESB blue/grey though, maybe that could be tacked on to the list ??
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I hate to be a pain, but I'd also like the two right pouches that E2K13 has referenced.

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Should I just assume that every one who wants the ESB blue/grey color would like 2 right pouches instead of two different ones?
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I was in the first run of these and got a tk-409 grey, wantd blue(ESB) but was scared off by a post. depending on the price, i know anton said there was a misqoute on the last run, i MIGHT be interested in this run for ESB blue/grey with the same side pouches as earlier stated.
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anyone have any reviews on the color of the ESB that has seen them in person? How about the quality and acurateness of these? (Did I miss it on another thread?) I might be interested in the ESB if it's pretty accurate.
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thanks for the updated Predatormv, I would also like the side pockets to both be right. Thanks for asking that question about them!:)
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