Seeker's Jango Fett Armor Tips


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I started a photo reference to help people with their rigs. I know theres probably better rigs then mine out there, but I wanted to show what has worked for me over the years.

Here's a small start. If anyone needs any tips on anything else I did, please post it here. I hope pictures can speak lounder then words.

Check out my flickr page here:

Jango Armor Tips - a set on Flickr

Here's what a completed costume looks like.



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Hi Snowaare - Thank you very much.

I think I bought mine at a local store and it was a womens pair of gloves.


That's so awesome, man. Everything makes so much more sense now after seeing those pics. I really appreciate it! :)


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Thanks for the tip! I'm gonna attach my ammo belt to my girth belt now.

Can you show us how to attach thigh armor to the holster next?



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Tk9323 - in the same gallery are pics of that setup. I used chicago screws. Drilled holes on the holters and the thigh pieces. Then screwed in.

I'll take more pics for you.


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I must have missed when this was originally posted.

What an excellent thread, and great pics. This should be very helpful for any of the new Jangos in the process of building. Or a Jango like me who is "finished" but still adjusting.

Thanks for posting.


Seeker used a method of paper towels, water, and acrylic paints (black and burnt umber)... he's got a YouTube video of Rub-n-Buffing that also goes into weathering the armor