Searching for a BoBF black robe and Gaffi Stick


New Hunter

Hi folks,

As the thread says, I am looking for a black robe Boba wore before he got his armour back.
Like on the above or this picture:

Can anyone recommend a good maker?
I am also looking for a suitable Gaffi stick.

Any help welcome and appreciated!
Woodchuck on Facebook is where I got my Gaffi stick from. It's made from real wood and is an excellent piece. I don't know if he's still floating around out there or offering them but that's where I got mine. Can't speak to the robe as I built a post-sarlaac Fett. Good luck!
I believe she was going through some kinda personal thing and was supposed to open her shop again but still hasn't, so I assume it's something serious.

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