Scratchbuilt helmet (suggestions welcome)

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I've only been here a few weeks but i have had so much help from people at TDH. Thanks a Lot

I'm starting to get the hang of working with cardboard and i'm very happy with my results.
Using wizardofflight's templates, I have made an attempt at my first ROTJ helmet out of cardboard/posterboard. Here's a few pics of my progress so far.
(any suggestions would be great)

Thanks TDH
sorry about the blur in some of the pics





Looking good, ICG! Great job on the dome. With the templates, it gets better over time. I used drywall mud on mine. Keep up the good work!
I think you're off to a flying start mate, the dome on mine was the hardest part and you seem to have that pretty much in hand, great stuff. I love scratch building stuff.:)
i'm somewhat stuck because i haven't the slightest idea how to start the earpieces. I know someone who is going to cnc the top left rangefinder earpiece out of metal so i can put a servomotor in it like stonerook's.
but the rest... :confused

*a tip on making the dome: take a 1 foot section of 2x4 and glue a strip of 60-100 grit sandpaper to it and make smooth strokes as you bring the board around it- thats how i did mine

I dont have any more pics as of late (my sister has the camera).
i have made some more progress so i'll try to post more pics soon.
I've made more progress.
Unfourtunately all of the progress pictures that lead up to the ones that i posted here were deleted so here is what i have as of now.
I attached the earpieces and sprayed sprayed it with primer.
Any suggestions on how i can do the dent?
I was also wondering what the stuff is that you use to give it the damaged look. I've heard of the mustard method but i know that there's stuff you can buy that has the same effect and can be pulled off more easily.









Looks great! How sturdy are the cheekpieces? I've read that part of the helmet flexes some. Someone here reinforced their scratchbuilt bucket with some fiberglass cloth on the inside. What are you planning to use for helmet padding?

Keep up the good work and keep the pix coming!:cheers
The cheek pieces are pretty sturdy. Yeah, I put some fiberglass cloth on the inside too. I just painted it black so you cant see it very well.
For the helmet padding I havent decided on whether I want a hardhat interior or a padded interior. I have both readily available.
So I decided that I didn't have the pacience, time, or skill to attempt a RotJ paintjob so I decided to have some one paint it for me. And boy am I happy with that decision because I couldn't have done anything near a good of job that wickedbeard has done with my bucket. heres some pics he sent to me:


left side.jpg

right side.jpg


top right.jpg

back left high.jpg

back left.jpg

right back.jpg


closeup detail.jpg
thanks guys, although I must give credit to wickedbeard for the amazing paintjob and minor detailing
without him this bucket would have looked pretty bad (my painting skills stink)
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Tell yeah what.!!!!! I,m really new to all this and i,m very impressed
with how you made this from scratch.I would,nt have the
foggiest clue on how to even attempt it. I,ve had a bash at
chest armour but thats my limit. I think i,ll have to
start searching around to see if i can make a bucket for
COMPLETE beginners!!(y)
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