Scratchbuilders to the Rescue...


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Been lookin at a lot of the threads about the scratchbuilts using WoF's templates and needed to ask a question...

when putting in the flat piece that goes right next to the fuel tank (as seen directly to the left of the right fuel tank in the following pic...

Is this piece supposed to be just shy of being long enough so that the bottom of the jet pack tilts forward like in the following pic...

Is this correct? Just wanting to make sure before I continue on! Thanks guys and gals!


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That is looking fantastic!! Keep up the great work.

The tilt you have in the second pic looks perfect. The one problem with the templates is that they don't take into account material thickness. Not knowing what folks would use I didn't make that adjustment to the plans.

Hope this helped.



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Thanks! That's all I needed to know so that I could continue on. The templates have been working like a dream so far!!!

As for the thickness issue...I think as long as everybody who uses the templates thinks about this before hand and test fits pieces 1st they should'nt have too much of a problem.

I've been using your templates and Bobamaker's pictures (even though he used a different temps) as a guide.

The only thing that I will throw out there is on the top piece of the jet pack you will want to use severeal pieces (once again depending on thickness of material) to get that thickness feel to the top deck.

I used a couple of pieces glued together and shaped out on the solid top deck (kind of like a gasket) to get the thickness and save material at the same time.