scratchbuild pvc helmet!


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Hi!!, after a lot of time with zero progress, here my first atempt to scratchbuild a helmet...

THANKS TO WOTF FOR THIS INCREDIBLE TEMPLATES!!!!! (I don´t get tired of saying this, you are the templates freaking master!!!!

here, in Spain, I can´t find sintra( don´t even know how it´s called here) so, after the good and easy work that I find with PVC in my shoulder and knees armour, I start thinking in made a helmet with only PVC........after two days of cutting, melting, gluing and sanding, this is the result......



still a lot to do, but I´m really happy with this so far.......what do you think, dented friends??

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here, in Spain, I can´t find sintra( don´t even know how it´s called here) so, after the good and easy work that I find with PVC in my shoulder and knees armour

Sintra is basicly just a brand name for foamed PVC, which is slightly lighter and stiffer than regular PVC sheets. I haven't really had any luck with finding it locally either - so I'm using the regular stuff too.

But in any case; it's a great start, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out! (y)
The sintra is more softly and cheaply that the pvc, and it is a less manageable the pvc than the sintra

what here in Spain, there are no sucha thing, or you know where find SINTRA(or whatever it´s called) here?................

thanks for looking !
Sintra is also the name of a town in Portugal, which is probably why it's not called that in Spain. I only know this because I kept getting hits for travel guides when I did web searches for "Sintra."

Here is what you need to ask for (it's called PVC Espumado, PVC Espuma, or Espuma de PVC in Spanish).
here some progress, bad phone pics, tomorrow real camera pics.......
more sanding, and re-shape everything, but, this project is still ALIVE!!!!!




-"I ythink you've done a cracking job there. I'm curios as to how you made the dome though. Anyways more pics as it looks damn good."

-for the dome, I have divided it in 3 bigs strippes, and 4 triangled parts..
one (the biggest) goes from ear to ear....
the other 2, 1 from the back to the middle and 1 from the front to the middle...the 4 triangle parts fill the rest, just like a pizza..:lol:
I have used a hotgun to give the rigth curve to the strippes

sorry if my english is confusing and weird.....sometimes I can`t find the proper words to says what I think......:facepalm
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No problem mate, it's better than my spelling anyway:lol: Thanks for that as I said sterling work there. I love watching scratch builds as they gather shape and form. Kudos mate.
here goes another....with a black fake visor.....I have fix the cheks, now need to smooth the dome and give the proper look to the dent.....and of course the left ear....:facepalm


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