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Ok, im gunna try and make some fibreglass chest armour and I am using clay to make the model, im then going to use plaster to make the cast...but im going to finish modeling all the amrour...this is what I have done so far...what do you think?

I left a large gap for the chest display because I am going to use a piece of sintra to spilt the two to make it stronger.
If you're going to be pulling in fiberglass you should use silicone to make the mold, then either plaster or fiberglass to make the mold boot.
If you were to vacuum form then the plaster would be an a ok idea.

Looks good tho, keep it up
Perhaps I'm just being stupid (quite likely), but wouldn't plaster work quite adequately if you only plan to make one or two pulls?

Very nice work so far, by the way
Ive read the 'moulding and casting handbook' and that said that doing it this way would be alright....but i am happy to take any advice..Ive never done anything like this before.

but as you can see I have had a productive day....with clay!!(....I have no job and no life:( :cry well I could be doing worse things I suppose)

i am hoping to get some fibreglass stuff off the net or from a supplier...then I can pick thier brains on the subject...
Thanks for your comments so far


Awesome!! Looks great so far! The only thing I would do is made the ab plate a little shorter, since it looks a little too tall right now. Other than that, it's coming along nicely! :cheers

It's nice to see someone else doing this, sculpting their armor and casting it instead of using sintra. I really need to get more work done on my molds now! ;)
That looks really good Zoe!

I'd definitely use silicone though. It's not the cheapest material but I would say it's the best. I can point in the direction of a good UK supplier if you like.

The plaster would probably be "ok" but the thing with a silicone mold is that you can "peel" it off and it would just be easier for you all around. That and it's much more forgiving than plaster.

While you're at the stage right now, refer to your reference photos, the corners and edges should be much more rounded. Aside from that, you're headed in the right direction.
silicone is best.. less chance of stress fractures from pulling. save yourself stress. just my $0.02. ive done it this way before and it works well
This is what I have made.....i am going to buy some silicone to make the moulds then I can get things started...but I have got to wait for all the clay to dry first. I hope this is going to work!

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