Sci-Fire Helmet - another "mystery" to solve?

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I took the liberty of comparing a picture of the sci-fire helmet from his site with a pic of a DP Deluxe. I had to mirrow the DP DLX to get the same view but I'm pretty sure that they are different enough that it cannot possibly be a direct recast of a DP DLX helmet.


Most notably, check the t-visor and the difference in how far back it goes compared to the corner of the cheek.

Here's a pic of the original helmet from sci-fire's site.


Here is the story of the original from postmortem01 himself.
I just got done talking with our sculptor regarding the origin of this helmet. He doesn't know for sure so this is purely speculation... His friend, whom he has not spoken with in 10 years, gave him this fiberglass helmet in trade for some mold work. His friend, who was employed by ILM at the time, got a hold of this helmet prior to the release of the DP deluxe. At the time, they didn't know the DP deluxe was even coming out. The sculptor, again...speculation only, say that the slight grinding that is visible on the rear of the helmet is from the ILM mold. ILM, apparently, cut the rear of the mold to help release the helmet from the matrix style mold. Nobody knows why they would do that unless they were using a crappy silicone. Anyway, our helmet was molded matrix style also. We did not remove the grind marks from the helmet because they represent ILMs mark to us.

Could this be a prototype Fett helmet? Perhaps a pre-DP deluxe helmet intended for liscensing?

Can Tyler and some of the other experts shed some light on this for us?

Thanks to postmortem01 for the information. I know that I had written it off as a DP Deluxe recast but having looked closer I don't see them as being THAT close. The circular holes on the front mandibles (I have heard) are similar to the holes in the DP DLX before visor installation.
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No, that is just a fan-modified deluxe. The "grid-marks" are in almost every place they are found on the deluxe helmet. The reason I say "almost" is because the the dremmel marks varied from Deluxe to Deluxe.

It has the same "T" cut-out in the middle of the helmet as the deluxe. Also it has the same semi-circular cut-outs on the mandible as the deluxe. The semi-circular cut-outs were used to secur the visor, which was then "covered over."

The rounded corner at the end of the T-visor is a fan-made attempt to correct the shortened T-visor area on the Deluxe helmet. The real helmets do not have a rounded edge of the T-visor. It's rectangular, only longer and more narrow than what is seen on the deluxe.

I have seen that particular recast of a deluxe floating around for quite some time, heck I think I might even remember who originally made it.
Looks like a Modified deluxe I agree. Actually the rounded eyeslots and the round areas on the mandibles were fill in areas on some deluxes also you can see someone had a good time with either very thick paint or a dremel tool.

I'd agree that it looks just like a modded DP DLX to me. BTW, I remember taking the pics of that DLX helmet. It's now in it's new home in Japan. Man I'm glad I have an MSH now.
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