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SarlaccBits' Jetpack

I am still working on my jet pack... it needs a lot of weathering and I have yet to paint on the details, but here is it so far...

Nah, its a Bradley...
I thought about making it myself... but with the overwhelming success of my knees ;) I decided to buy one!
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Lookin good. Your costume is comming along at a nice pace. You go girl !! (y)

Are you doing the silver scratches all topical ? or do you have a base silver layer underneith. Was gonna say I found that using multiple techniques for the silver weathering made the best results. If you have a silver base layer you can use an exacto and scratch away the blue layer (or whatever layer) and make nice fine scratches.(I used masking fluid, then went back and fine tuned and added smaller scratches with exacto). If I had to do it again i think I'd skip the masking fluid all together and just use the exacto to scratch/chip away to taste. This seemed to give me more control of the scratch patterns.

If your doing all topical use varied sized brushes to achieve this effect. I cannot stress enough how important it is to buy quality brushes of varied sizes. But I'm sure you already know this.

Your becoming quite the brush artist (y)
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:) thanks so much for the kind words everybody!!!

I am actually doing both... it has a silver base coat and I am chipping pieces off plus I am painting on some of the damage.
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A quick work of advice if you are using mustard. Make sure its thick! I had quite a few areas that were thin. The mustard dired and I couldn't get it off. I had to sand the blue down and start again. I have seen others use mayo. I think this is a much better approach, as it really never seems to dry.
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DonnieDarko688 said:
I think you need to work up a tutorial? Or have you already?

a painting tutorial?
(I didnt bulid the pack - its a Bradley)
I hadn't even considered doing that...
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Good weathering. Can you take a photo outside in natural light, to see the colors better? Great job. (y)
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