Rubies ?


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:confusedI was wondering if i was the only person to notice what looks like a dent that was filled in slightly up and to the left of the one showing on my 2002 rubies, i know it's crap but its all i can afford right now. Also I was wondering what side of the helmet the DP license was on, because on the back of the helmet (on the oposite side of the trade mark) is what looks to be a filled/covered copywrite.
:confusedI was thinking about moving the dent to where it once was, what type of bondo or filler would work best for the non fiberglass helmet.?
:rolleyesI'm i correct in thinking that the mold was a reused Don Post?


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depends what year of rubies, the Boba Fett bucket I have is fairly decent, looks a lot like a DP95 but in comparision pics it looks a little bigger.


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Hmm, makes me think, You say its on all the opposite sides of the helmets in comparison to the Boba helms. Perhpas they have a original DP mold, turned inside out, leaving the filled dent on the inside left, and the trademark on the opposite side as well....