Rubies makes babies cry....

What are you talking about guys? The shape is perfect, it's got some nice healthy silver streaks that show the uber realistic battle damage . . and, my favourite part, that super bendy rangefinder . . . looks sweet! :)

The rangefinder looks like a cobra that is getting ready to bite him in the head. Again, what do you expect for $20 when the really good helmets are several hundred bucks? I just hope that none of the 'budget Boba's' hear get desparate enough to buy this, ummm, turd. :rolleyes

"Do I look cool? I can't see."

"oh yes, indescribably cool"

"are you sure, I mean am I really really cool?"

"you're the very personification of cool"


I don't think this is the rubie's helmet. I think it's like a mask that totally bends like most masks. Don't know who makes this though. It says vinyl but it's like the pullover masks, maybe just a bit thicker.
I am pretty sure I ran across this beauty a while back at party city. It was a magnificent piece of garbage. If you set it on its side , the thing would slowly fold in half.

I am ashamed at all of you! How dare you make fun of that mask made at the Hellen Keller institute for the artistacally disfunctional! :lol: I swear I could make a better one out of toilet paper, elmers glue, and my feet! :D
So that's what happened to that helmet I did in 1980 in shop at school . . . and the teacher just told me he needed a trash can.

Maybe we should open a forum for costume cheapskates called "The painted dent" :lol:

I think the face shield is actually fabric. I really think lucas should reconsider their licenses before Ep. III, although they are using better materials for the deluxe Jango, compare it to a 98 Don Post...Much more rigid.
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