Rubies JF helmet vs. Don Post BF


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I've never seen the Rubies Jango Fett helmet close up. How does the construction match up to a Don Post, say, 1995-1996?

Can the Jango helmet be converted to a Boba? I mean, I understand about the dent, but what about the black 'rings'? Are they just painted or is the helmet grooved? And the ear pieces- is the right side more pronounced, as seen in the movie? I've never seen a shot of the Rubies helmet from the right side.
That link doesn't work! :(
It says the album's empty.

How is the Rubies helmet for size? Is it larger than the Don Post?
Sorry, I had to fix the link. It should work now. As far as the D.P., I don't have one but I think from what I have read, the D.P. is bigger. But I may be wrong.:confused
I have a jango and I think it's smaller. But the kick is that it's longer! The jangos appear to be thin and long, with almost a snout y'know?

If you want anything remotely approaching accuracy I highly recommend a DP Boba... What's the difference really? You'll need to repaint a Jango (if you're self-respecting) and you'll need to add pinstripes anyway. At that point what's a little bondo in the dent, eh?

And if you get really motivated you can lower the earpiece or fill it in with more bondo or something. (most people will never look at it anyway)

Hope this helps,
I have a rubies and yes, it does need to be larger. Journeyman is right...if your going to do it then do it right.
Get the Don Post and work it. I can't speak for everyone but this seems to be the advise from many here on the board. I'm going to take that same advise myself unless I plan on making my own. Good luck!

B.T.W.----try to stay away from the vinyl/rubber helmets. Most sellers do not include that info and pics aren't always what they seem to be. JMHO
It might also depend on how big you are. I noticed the rubies was smaller when i saw a photo of me in my suit. I'm 6'2" and it just doen't look right, no matter how good a paint job you put on it. It will do the job though untill I can get a nice movie size helmet.
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