Rubies Jango Helmet

I have a question for anyone who has a Rubies jango helmet ($60 version) I was thinking on increasing the vision by cutting further into the plastic hopefully revealing more visior. Has anyone any knowledge to shed on this???



i dont think there is any more visor under there , you can get new visor for like 10 bucks on ebay, so you then could cut away as much as ya like. hope that helps:cheers


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The visor on the rubies jango is really just some tinted clear plastic glued to the vinyle. You could just take a dremel and cut out the visor and the vinyle that extends into the main part of the visor. The bottom section especially at the bottom of the mandibles should be cut out, but after those sections are cut, the two sides will become very flexible. If you are going to be re-doing the visor portion to make it better then what it is, I suggest getting a visor from BobaMaker.