Rubies Jango Compared to Don Post 96 helmet


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Hey gang, do we have any size comparison pics for a Rubies Jango next to a Don Post 96 Fett helmet ? Is the Rubies Jango bigger :confused
Much thanks,


left to right: 95 pvc don post, blue smooshed thing that says rubies, 97 flattop.

the jango is smaller than the don posts. but only just so.
Wow that rubies sux, looks liek i got a better version! I think its an 00? or an 02? not sure <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">
what do y'all think? </A>
sprry for the ignorance, is dat a custom? looks great! i liek wad ya did on one of the pads, the dual scratch thing......any step by steps for dat!?

love the helm!
I guess that's why a 95 DP or FB bucket is the way to go....after all look at this 97 DP I came across....ewww! (n)



Looks like it got beat upside the head then sat on by a hippo. :D
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