Rubies helmet! PICS INSIDE!!!!!!


Here is my Rubies Helmet that i Spray Painted, and used accrylic paints. I picked the Rubies because have a small frame i am 5'4" so the helmet fits me perfect and it goes perfect for my body.

I just thought to post these pics of my helmet so far, since i am a noob after all i was hoping to get some advice on what to do or what steps i should take.

The Earpieces are not painted yet, and my visor is just taped in due to the fact that i do not have a dremell tool.

But anyways heres my pics of my first helmet attempt, and mind u, it is a RUBIES.







Tim Allen

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Looking good man, Yeh for your height that helmet will be perfect. Wont be too bobble headish w/ some of the other models....Well done


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:) that looks nice!! I'd try to dirty it up some more with spray cans of black grey and brown... slightly... that will make it look even more dirty!! :) then after that get out the silver scratches at some spots again by redoing them with silver paint. (just a tip, not really necesary)

please do get the red visor area a bit more narrow when you glue it in... that would make it a superb Rubies!!

well done!:cheers

Darth Mule

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Lookin good. Just need to knock it down a bit by misting it with black. There also appears to be a strange flare at the bottom of your visor area.

Aside from that. You did a great job of capturing the detail in the weathering.